January Spikes: The 42-Day Retirement Window


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Take a look at what happened this past January in Apple Inc…

At the time, some analysts were saying that iPhone sales declined 5–15% in the prior months… and you should stay away from their stock.

But all three lights in my system turned green on January 25th…

And that meant Apple was about to experience a January spike.

Sure enough, the spike came a few days later…

And had you placed a simple bet following my system, you could have seen
a cool
800% gain in just 24 hours…

Imagine investing $500 in the largest company in the world…

And walking away with $4,500 just a day later.

These types of astronomical gains happen every January.

And aside from knowing with 100% certainty when these spikes are set
to happen…

Playing January spikes can also slash your exposure to market risks.

You see, these gains happen so fast that you’ll NEVER risk your hard-earned money
in long-term market plays.

You’re in…

You’re out…

And you’re paid in a matter of days.

Just look at what happened to Ally Financial.

For the two years prior, the multibillion-dollar mortgage company was in a severe
downward trend…

They had lost close to 50% of their value…

To analysts, this stock was a certified SELL.

But all three lights of my system turned green on January 30th…

And that meant Ally Financial was about to experience a January spike.

Sure enough, shares exploded in price.

And had you placed a bet with my system, you could have made 1,050% on
your money.

Placing a small $500 trade before the move…

And walking away with $5,750 just four days later!

I can’t think of any other strategy that can make you more than five grand in less
than a week.

And because you know exactly when these January spikes will happen…

It’s like you’re being handed all of these profitable dates on a silver platter.

Just like what happened in The Boeing Company a week prior…

At the time, analysts were predicting a huge downswing in Boeing…

Sales were expected to fall due to fewer plane deliveries…

However, my system said it was go time.

Boeing flashed three green lights…

And it meant Boeing was about to experience a January spike.

Just like my system predicted…

Shares of Boeing shot up immediately after.

And using my system, you could have made a quick 596% on the largest plane manufacturer in the world…

In just THREE days.

That’s placing a small bet of $2,000…

And walking away with $13,920 in 72 hours.

Like I said, it’s really easy…

Simply watch when these three lights turn green…

Place one simple trade…

Then cash out a few days later after the January spike occurs.

And because all these wealth explosions happen in January…

The money adds up really quick…

For example, shortly after my system flashed green for Check Point Software,
shares had a January spike.

And had you placed a $1,000 bet, you could have walked away with $10,650 just
two days later!

Or how about in Sherwin-Williams…

Had you followed my system, you could have turned a modest $5,000 investment
into $23,650...

In just ONE DAY.

That’s making over $20k from one of the largest basic materials companies
in the world… OVERNIGHT!

Or how about Allegheny Technologies…

After my system flashed green, shares of this Pittsburg steel

And you could have pocketed a massive gain of 5,450%.

That’s enough to turn a small $1,000 investment into $55,500!

In just TWO days.

Just from these three examples from last January alone…

You’re looking at $89,800 in just five days!

Can you see now how you could accumulate a retirement fortune by the time January
is over?

I don’t know of any other strategy that can make you this much money
in so little time!

And if you’ve missed out on these incredible opportunities, don’t worry.

These predictable profit explosions are set to happen just days from now.

The problem is...

Hardly anyone realizes this wave of wealth
is heading towards them.

As Business Insider says, “[This opportunity] has the potential to be more lucrative than ever… yet investors still haven't caught on.”

That’s because until recently, there was no real way for regular people to take advantage
of this opportunity the way I’d like to show you.

But in the next few moments…

I’ll reveal how you can take a small investment of $1,000… and cash out with
a potential $242,860 by the end of January.

ALL from these predictable January spikes.

These spikes are so predictable that so far we’ve had a 100% success rate.

And there are literally hundreds of these opportunities approaching.

But you’ll have to act fast…

Because these opportunities do NOT happen every day.

In fact, these spikes only happen within a specific period that lasts 42 days, including the entire month of January.

It’s only during this retirement window that you’ll have a chance to turn a small sum into
over $242,860!

You could literally achieve the retirement

of your dreams in just
42 days.

As I’ve said before, my name is Alan Knuckman.

I started my trading career in 1991, when I joined the Chicago Board of Trade.

And I’ve spent the last 25 years on the trading floor…

Working through the ranks… from being a runner, phone clerk and broker…

All the way up to becoming a professional trader…

And a member of the Chicago Board of Trade.

You might even recognize me from one of my appearances on Bloomberg, CNBC,
CNN or Fox News.

I spent the last two decades trading my own account on the floor…

And competing with the world’s best traders.

During that time, I noticed the biggest gains in the market would always happen during
a window that lasted 42 days.

Simply put, once the window opened...

Certain stocks would explode higher.

This was as predictable as night follows day.

But there was always one BIG problem.

Traders would only know which stocks returned the biggest gains AFTER

it already happened.

By then, it was already too late to profit.

So even though traders knew certain stocks would pop during that window…

They didn’t know for sure WHICH ones.

For them, betting on those pops were a complete gamble.

So I started to wonder…

What if I could develop a strategy that allows me to pinpoint these explosive moves BEFORE they happen…?

I already knew exactly when the retirement window was going to open…

And that certain stocks would explode…

All I needed was a strategy to pinpoint WHICH ones would pop.

So I pored over the data…

Invested thousands of hours of my time…

Hired a team of researchers and quantitative analysts…

After an insane amount of research and back-testing, I thought I had finally
done it.

I was confident I had found a system that is able to successfully predict explosions in the retirement window BEFORE they happen.

It was also a system easy to use.

All you had to do is place a trade when you see these three green lights
on the screen…

Then you’ll have the chance to walk away with a fortune a few days later.

A few months ago I started sharing my strategy with a small group
of regular folks…

Everything had worked “on paper.”

But would this work in real life?

Simply put…

The results were nothing short

of extraordinary.

They surpassed even my own expectations.

So far we’ve had a 100% success rate!

That’s right… zero losses. They’re absolutely stunned by the results.

Alan’s handed me $220,000!

Alan… I made $44,000 on Boeing
alone… And I’m
up around $220,000 with your picks.

-Vincent R., Miami, Florida

I’ve made $58k so far!

I love the predictability of these spikes.
So far I’ve
made $58k.

-Lester T., Lancaster, Pennsylvania

8 wins, zero losses

Alan has cracked the code. So far I’ve had 8 wins and no losses trading these spikes! The winning results speak for themselves. I recently just sold half of my position in Qualcomm for a 200% gain and sold the second half for a
400% gain!

-Andy M., Richmond, Virginia

“Godlike” accuracy

Alan, the only way you could improve your accuracy is by becoming God. I am highly impressed! You have changed my future as well as that of my family. Thank you.

-Nancy E., Santa Barbara, California

As you can see, results were amazing.

These people already made a fortune during the last retirement window.

But we’re not done yet…

Because things are about to get a whole lot better.

You see, the retirement window opens a few times in the year.

And the next retirement window opens in January.

By the time the window closes, there’s a good chance these folks will be walking away with a retirement fortune.

I’ve already marked January 2nd on my calendar…

And my system is already triggering all kinds of signals.

We are talking about big and predictable gains…

All while slashing your exposure to long-term market risk to a bare minimum.

I’ve pinpointed seven trades that are quickly approaching...

And you MUST be ready to get in by next January 2nd for the greatest
potential profits.

Altogether, you could get started with just $1,000…

And by the end of January, you could be $242,860 richer.

Simply put… 

No moneymaking strategy like this has
ever been revealed
to the public.

When I started developing this system, I knew I had to create
something simple…

Easy to use and understand.

During my years trading on the floor in Chicago, I’d seen all kinds of complicated strategies and crazy indicators…

Iron condor option spreads… Fibonacci retracements… Stochastic oscillators…

I wanted nothing to do with that…

Those were not only too complex and hard to understand...

But even worse… they rarely worked.

I wanted something so easy that even a newbie investor who never bought
a stock
could do it…

So I created a system based on three lights.

Simply watch when all three lights turn green…

Then place one simple trade…

And walk away a few days later with a fortune.

It’s as simple as that.

Now you might be wondering what causes stocks to pop during the
retirement window.

Simply put, during those 42 days certain companies tend to release confidential accounting data to the public.

Many times, this data ends up surprising investors.

And that’s what causes the stock to skyrocket in a matter of minutes.

For reasons that will become clear soon…

My strategy simply “knows” which stocks will release surprising data…

As evidenced by our unmatched 100% success rate.

As long as you see the three green lights…

And make one simple bet…

There’s a very good chance you’ll walk away with a fortune just a few days later!

I’ll tell you what’s behind each green light in just a moment…

First, let me show you a few back-tested examples from the last time the retirement
window opened…

On August 2… All three lights turned green on billion-dollar communications company Vonage Holdings Corp.

Do you see that?

It was a sign the company was about to surprise the market with some unexpected accounting data.

Sure enough…

The very next day, Vonage’s Chief Financial Officer announced the company had increased sales to $252 million!

That’s all it took for the stock to explode… Because nobody on Wall Street was
expecting that.

And had you gotten in when the lights turned green…

You would have made out with a 660% profit in a matter of days.

Imagine investing $500…

And then cashing out with $3,350 less than two weeks later.

I can’t think of any other way you can make this much money… This quick!!

We’re talking about an extra 3 grand in your pocket!

Like I mentioned before, there are hundreds of opportunities like this during
the retirement window.

For example, during that very same week…

All three lights flashed green for Spectrum Pharmaceuticals.

Spectrum’s stock price had been falling for a few days prior…

But the system “knew” the company was about to release surprising accounting data.
Take a look…

Three green lights and BOOM.

Soon after the buy signal was initiated, the company surprised the market by announcing
it was expecting to receive $5 million from a new drug in Japan.

Shares of Spectrum skyrocketed, giving you the chance to claim gains of 700%...

That’s more than eight times your money…

Enough to turn $1,000 into $8,000.

That’s a pretty nice payday!

And it couldn’t be easier.

Simply watch when all three lights turn green…

Then place one simple trade…

And walk away with a fortune a few days later… Sometimes the very next day.

Look what happened when all three lights flashed green for AXT Inc…

Shortly after, AXT Inc. announced they had done MILLIONS more in sales…

And once again, shares EXPLODED…

Giving you the chance to make 775% returns in less than a month…

Eight times your money…

Not in 3 years…

Not in 3 months…

But in a few weeks!

That’s enough to turn a $2,000 investment into over $17,000…

That’s a good half a year’s salary for many hardworking Americans.

And remember…

We saw over 40 unique companies explode last January…

For a total gain of 24,186%!

All during the 42-day retirement window.

All that money was up for grabs.

Money that could have ended up in your pocket.

And all you have to do for your chance to make a fortune is…

Wait for all three lights to turn green…

Then place one simple trade – my research proves it!

Look what happened with clothing giant Ralph Lauren.

Three lights turned green…

Then on August 8th


Ralph Lauren surprised investors with news that it managed to cut its operating costs at a double-digit rate.

And once the news broke…

A $2,000 investment would have turned into $38,000!

That’s enough to get a brand-new BMW...

Something similar happened with shares of technology company Cutera Inc…

All the three lights turned green… And BAM. Just like clockwork.

Cutera announced it had just increased sales by an amazing 32%!

This was a surprise to everyone…

But if you were using my strategy…

It’s like you would have already known what the sales numbers would be…

In this case, you could have turned $2,000 into an incredible $130,000… In just
9 days.

That’s more money than most Americans make in an entire YEAR…

Or how about when Nike flashed on June 26th...

Three lights and BOOM.

Sure enough… Nike announced strong sales growth outside the US, which was a surprise to everyone…

Everyone but this system.

Had you gotten in, you could have turned a $2,000 investment into $12,920
in just 13 days.

Do that every other weekend…

And you’re looking at an extra $485,000 a year!

How would that kind of money change your life?

If you missed all those huge gains during the last 42-day retirement window…

Don’t worry…

Because the next window is opening in January.

Just DAYS from now.

Simply wait for the three green lights…

Place a small trade…

Then watch it explode.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen gains as fast and as easy as these.

And because you know exactly when these windows will open…

This is totally predictable.

The best part is…

This is done using some of the biggest

and safest companies in the world.

I’m sure you’ve noticed I just mentioned Ralph Lauren and Nike… Some of the most popular brand names in the world, not penny stocks.

So even though we’re dealing with explosive gains…

We’re trying to keep our risk as minimal as possible.

To be blunt, there is a lot of crap out there.

But with my 42-day retirement plan, we don’t deal with risky “over-the-counter”
penny stocks.

The companies NEED to be listed on the NYSE, AMEX, or NASDAQ…

The exchanges of the big players.

And just for extra security…

A company must also have at least 7,000,000 publicly held shares and a minimum of
2,000 shareholders…

Just to make sure that we are dealing with safer and more
predictable companies.

So once we have eliminated the extra risky stuff…

We can assign the companies lights.

If one of those lights turns green, that means it meets one of the criteria of my 42-day retirement plan.

But in order to actually make the cut, all three lights need to turn green.

And that is VERY hard to do.

Only the very best and most predictable opportunities have all three flash green
at the same time.

That’s why we’ve had a 100% success rate so far!

For example…

Out of all of the companies in the stock universe (and there are 9,000+, by
the way!)…

Only seven companies are showing all green right now…

Now we all know past performance is never a guarantee of future results.

But based on our perfect track record, they have a very good chance of exploding higher…

And it all starts as soon as the market opens in 2018.

Simply wait for all three lights to turn green…

Place a small bet…

And wait for your money to explode in a matter of days!

It’s as easy as 1-2-3.

Let me walk you step by step through the process.

A company gets the first green light when the retirement window opens.

Remember I mentioned before that it’s an obscure SEC regulation that creates
these windows?

Here’s what happens…

Section 13 (a)(2) of this regulation forces companies to
release confidential accounting data to the public during
certain times of the year.

The SEC created this rule to promote more transparency in the market…

So that investors know what’s going on behind
the scenes with the public companies.

This includes results regarding new
product launches…

Numbers regarding debt and revenue…

Company plans that are expected to
affect sales… Etc…

When this information is released… Stocks often make large,
irregular movements…

Resulting in the ability to score HUGE profits…

Because it is during this time that companies can surprise investors.

(Kind of like Steve Jobs introducing the iPhone and what happened to Apple in the
following days.)

But unless you are closely following a specific company…

You might not even know that these release dates take place.

Yet that is where all the money is!

As Business Insider put it…

“A giant pile of money is just waiting for traders during this [retirement window].”

So when the retirement window opens…

My strategy kicks into action.

Let’s take a look at another example…

Clothing retailer Michael Kors had been trading sideways for months when the first light turned green.

That light turned green on June 14th because that’s when the window opened…

It meant the period of explosive gains had started… 

But that was just the first light…

The other two were still red.

The second light is just as simple.

Once the retirement window is open…

Every company has a preset date when it releases these key accounting figures
to the public.

And to be totally honest, many publicly traded companies publish those dates
their websites.

But imagine going over the website of each of the 9,000 existing companies
to get those preset dates!

It would take you months sitting in front of your computer… All day.

And I’m sure that’s not how you’d like to spend your day.

So my system runs an algorithm to find those days and maps it out.

In fact, for this current retirement window I already have all the dates marked

on my calendar…

Getting in as early as January 2nd

And then a new potential opportunity virtually every day for the next
42 days.

Remember, my research shows the biggest moves in the market take place during those
42 days.

So when that preset date is approaching for a specific company…

The second light turns green to warn us of the potential gains ahead.

For example, during the last retirement window I had Michael Kors marked
on my calendar for August 8th.

That’s when it was scheduled to release important accounting data to the public.

When this date was set, green light number 2 got the go.

But the third light remained red.

In fact, the third light is the most critical part of the system.

It’s also the most difficult piece of the strategy to activate…

You see, I’m sure you’ve always suspected it, but…

The Wall Street game is rigged against most investors…

Wall Street insiders, corporate execs, sophisticated computer algorithms…

All tilt the scale in the favor of “big money” with “big power”…

Sometimes, information like this is passed around.

It’s powerful information that could make you rich.

Millions of dollars can be made in a matter of days!

The frustrating part is that this “smart money” activity is completely legal!

The game is stacked against small-time investors.

Does that seem fair to you?

Absolutely not!

So if you thought
the game was rigged,

you’re right.

And research from professors at the University of Massachusetts and Saint Louis University has confirmed it. The authors wrote:

“We find evidence that managers take advantage of their superior knowledge…
to opportunistically time their trades [during the
retirement window].”

In other words, these people are getting access to critical information before you and I…

And they’re making a fortune.

Does that seem fair to you?

Of course not!

Wall Street and corporate insiders have an unfair advantage over the little guy.

And knowing this information makes me sick…

Because I wasn’t born with a silver spoon in my mouth.

I grew up in the iron mining town of Marquette, Michigan, where I would watch my grandfather load up trains with ore and send them off to Detroit.

It was back then I learned that hardworking Americans form the backbone of
our economy…

And that stayed with me while I was working on the trading floor of Chicago…

Which is why I’m happy to share my strategy with regular folks.

The way I see it…

It’s my way of leveling the playing field.

By using green light number 3, we can take advantage of insiders who may have the advantage because of their legal access to privileged information.

You see…

Company insiders are legally allowed to trade their own company’s stock.

But because of their privileged view, they generally know what direction the company will move due to this information.

Add it all up and these Wall Street insiders often make large and unusual bets
in the
stock market.

The third light is a proprietary algorithm that screens every single trade that takes place
in the stock market…

And maps out when unusual bets have been made.

And when it detects that insiders are making heavy bets in one direction…

The light turns green.

It means smart money
is flowing

the company.

And this smart money is taking a position before the news is announced…

Because from their vantage point… They can see how the company is operating.

And if they are buying… It means the company is probably doing well.

Just look what happened when green light number 3 lit up for Michael Kors,
and my strategy gave the buy signal.

A few days BEFORE the company was set to release information to the public…

The executive insiders were getting busy… Making massive bets in the market.

The Chief Operations Officer… The Chief Human Resources Officer…

And Michael David Kors himself, just to name a few.

Was it a coincidence that they bought 50,730 shares beginning a few months before
Michael Kors’ preset announcement day?

Well, we can’t say for sure, but let’s see what happened…

Once Michael Kors released that accounting data to the public, shares
ROCKETED upwards…

While everyday folks had no clue what was going on…

Michael Kors executives could have made more than $2.2 million during this
time frame!

I’m sure most people missed this move.

But had you used my strategy…

You could have seen a 1,233% gain in just two weeks…

Enough to turn a $1,000 bet into $13,330!

Isn’t that incredible?

To my knowledge, there is no other strategy that can pinpoint explosive gains
with such accuracy.

…And with such ease!

And they happen over and over and over…

Just like earlier this year, when all three green lights went off for Cowen Inc.

Remember, that third light means insiders who might have gained access to this critical accounting data are making some usual bets.

Sure enough, President Jeffrey bought 57,888 shares two months before the company made the announcement.

Did he know something we didn’t?

As the president, it’s certainly possible.

And when they finally released the data…

Shares skyrocketed, potentially making him a cool $520,281!

It was easy for him.

But for regular folks, profiting from this surprise would have been
almost impossible.

Unless, of course, you were using my strategy.

Because had you placed one simple trade when the third light turned green…

You could have turned a small $2,000 stake into $13,640 in just two days.

Or when all three lights went off for Impax Laboratories…

Letting you cash in on a 733% return in just 3 days.

Turning every $5,000 into $41,665!

Imagine making more than 40 grand in just 11 days.

That could be your reality…

Because this January… the next retirement window opens…

Everyone has a different number in mind when it comes to how much they need
to retire comfortably.

Some people might need $500,000.

Other folks at home might need $1 million or more…

But no matter what your number is…

It is truly possible to make life-changing sums
of money in just 42 days.

Those 42 days are packed with potential trades that could return 1,053%, 6,400%
and even 14,611%.

And because the gains are so extreme…

You only need to catch a few of those to walk away with a retirement fortune.

For example…

Let me show you how 3 simple moves during this current retirement window could mean the windfall of a lifetime.

The technique is simple…

Take the highest-conviction plays from our strategy…

And roll the gains from one play into the other.

Now this strategy is risky and requires a bit of luck…

But it’s simply an accelerated strategy for maximizing the profit potential during the retirement window.

That said…

Although it’s highly improbable you’d be this lucky, it’s not impossible.

That’s important to remember.

So let’s take a look at how this strategy could have played out during the
last retirement window…

On July 24th… you could have entered Freeport-McMoRan with a $1,000 stake after all three lights flashed green…

Just 24 hours later…


You would have exited $18,000 richer…

Now take back the original $1,000 investment and put it back in your
savings account.

Now you have ZERO risk…

And are using nothing but “house money” from here on out.

At this point, you really can’t lose!

The day you sold your stake in Freeport… you could have entered iRobot Corporation with your gains when all lights gave the go sign…

Then in another 24 hours…

You would have turned your $17,000 investment into $215,900…

Pretty good for a couple of minutes of work and a few mouse clicks, eh?

And while $215,900 is a nice payday, it’s not enough to retire.

That’s why when Michael Kors had all three lights turn green…

And my strategy gave the go-sign…

You could have rolled those profits over on August 3rd

And you could have turned your investment into a whopping $2,489,327 just
6 days later.

That’s a $1,000 starting stake…

Into over $2.4 MILLION.

In just 16 days.

I think we can all agree that $2.4 million is a pretty good retirement fortune.

The bottom line is this.

Although it’s improbable you’d ever ride a profit wave like this,
it’s NOT impossible.

That’s why I have given this example.

Because I want you to see how powerful the profit potential is during the retirement window.

Now I forgot to mention…

(And this might be the best part of all…!)

Sometimes all it takes is ONE trade to hit the retirement jackpot.

I am talking about the equivalent of investing in Apple in 2001…

And cashing out 15 years later.

In just DAYS.

That’s right. Just one trade and BAM.

Here’s how…

On July 25th, all three green lights had flashed green for Boeing Co.

Had you put in $10,000…

You could have walked away with $1,462,100…

All from ONE trade.

That’s over $1.4 MILLION in profit.

In a matter of days.

Can you imagine if that happened to you?

That’s one weekend that could have changed your life forever.

This system is already changing the lives of many regular folks like you.

At the beginning of this presentation, I shared with you a few of the results people experienced with the system I use.

That was just a small sample…

Just check out what people are saying

about this system…

I've never tried a system like yours. So far, every trade has been a winner. Love it. Your recommendations have been spot-on, and I have followed them every time you said
to get in
or out.

-Paul D., Salt Lake City, Utah

Alan, your directions for trading during the retirement window are awesome. I am in training mode and was able
to book a $9,000 gain! I am glad I took the leap.

-Richard K., Kornoko, Indianapolis

It’s like walking on water. Please keep the miracles happening! With your step-by-step instructions, I can go
to the moon with you.

-Lisa R., Dayton, Ohio

Trading during the retirement window is SO exciting,
has a quick turnaround time, and you get a great return
on your investment. This is
an awesome and reliable approach to investing. Alan Knuckman is on top
of his
game. This is one of the best services I’ve ever seen.

-Dom R., Cherry Hill, New Jersey

This is a slam dunk, no brainer,
life changing system!

I just made over $2,000 on Kroger
and plan
to give to Christian charities
the future.

-Vincent A., Brooklyn, New York

I’ve participated on
6 trades with
a minimum gain of 30%, and I’ve got
3 winners over 100% within one month. These are the best trading recommendations
I’ve ever received.

-Matt E., Huntsville, Alabama

Back in the ’70s I had an OPM seat
on the American Stock Exchange and traded for my own account.
I wish there was
a system like yours

back then!

-George M., Lackawanna, New York

Trading during the retirement window provides greater returns in a faster time frame. I just made $2k on one trade! Keep up the good work — looking forward to the
next window!

-Nancy E., Austin, Texas

Seeing a stock price “go vertical” for so many of the recommendations reassures me that Alan knows how
to select the right stocks ahead
of their explosion in price action. Just booked a $4,294.86 win! Alan’s veteran experience shines through
in this service, as the entry and exit points are coordinated with extreme precision.

-Paul R., Seattle, Washington

I am overwhelmed with the success
of these recommendations. I gained 183% on a recent trade and so far I’ve had no losses. Right now I am planning on building a better

nest egg!

-Sam C., Lafayette, Louisiana

These are real people just like you…

Who have already collected huge paychecks from past retirement windows.

Now if you want to take advantage of the next window…

The clock is ticking.

Because the retirement window is approaching quickly.

And you must be ready to get in by January 2nd

My system is already flashing green a total of SEVEN stocks…

You could get started just a few minutes from now!

There’s no time to waste.

Based on our 100% success rate, there’s a good chance each one of these stocks will explode higher.

Look, I’m sure you’ve seen the news lately.

The financial markets are hitting ALL-TIME HIGHS almost daily.

And if you’re missing this big bull market, don’t worry.

Many of my smart friends and family members are missing it too.

Because they’re afraid of being late to the party…

They’re afraid of getting in just at the wrong time.

And that’s why I like this 42-day window so much.

It’s totally predictable.

And there’s no need to risk your nest egg in volatile moves in the market.

Simply get in when you see the three green lights…

And get out a few days later…

So you never leave your money exposed to a market correction.

To help you get started…

I’d like to send you a secure email with all the information you need to make
a fortune
from the current retirement window.

The subject line of the email will be:

“Seven Explosive Plays to Retire in 42 Days!”

I’d like to send you this email in the next 5 minutes.

And there’s more…

Because this email is just a small part of a brand-new research service named The 42-Day Retirement Plan.

The goal of The 42-Day Retirement Plan is simple…

To show you how to achieve the retirement of your dreams in just 42 days…

Today, we are opening up the door to 400 new members.

I’ll give more details on how you can join this elite rank in just a moment.

But first I want to cover something you might have been wondering this
whole presentation…

I mean… making over six times your money in less than two weeks on
a company like Nike seems improbable.

But in order to capture the gains you saw during this presentation…

You aren’t just buying regular shares of the company.

In fact…

We use a revolutionary

financial instrument…

In my days as a floor trader, I used just about every kind of financial instrument to take advantage of the markets…




And other derivatives.

But in this new age of finance, simply buying and holding stocks isn’t the way
to maximize profit performance.

The S&P 500 is up 15% this year…

Yet the gains I’ve been describing tonight are almost 100 times larger.

All stemming from predictable moves...

Resulting in hundred-, if not thousand-percent returns in a matter of days.

With my trading strategy, I don’t recommend simply buying and holding shares during the retirement window.

Although you certainly could!

But your returns would be much lower than with my system.

With my trading strategy, I recommend a very simple options play.

Now I need to clear the air when it comes to options…

Because these often misunderstood financial tools can be an absolute game changer when it comes to maximizing your wealth.

People will often say...

“I’ve never used options.”


“I just don’t understand them…”

But let me tell you something.

Options are extremely easy to use.

Safer than stocks in many cases…

And have explosive profit potential.

And an options trade is so simple…

You’re done in less than 20 seconds!

And with options, you don’t have to wake up every day frightened that the markets just took a drastic drop.

Because these are get in, get out plays…

With short-term explosiveness.

Even better…

Compared to the price of stocks…

Options cost almost nothing.

That means you can start following the 42-day retirement plan for sometimes as little
as $100.

You no longer have to spend thousands of dollars buying shares.

Not to mention how much more money you can make from options.

Remember that Michael Kors example I showed before?

During that time frame, Michael Kors’ stock price went up 22.97%.

And if I am being completely honest, that is one hell of a return.

A $1,000 bet would have net you $221 in that time frame.

But the options shot up 1,054%...

Turning a $1,000 investment into $11,540.

That’s a difference of more than $10,000 from the exact same stock move!

It’s easy to see why options work so well with our strategy…

They are cheaper, just as easy to use, but way more profitable.

In when the green lights flash…

Out after the stock explodes.

It’s that simple!

And to make your life even easier…

I’ve recorded a 6-part training series to make sure you get the most out of your subscription.

In this series, I’ll show you…

How anyone can execute these trades in less than 10 minutes a week… Even if you’ve never invested before…

How you could literally start with just $100…

And how to strategically play the current retirement
window to maximize your potential returns!

Once you watch these short videos, you’ll hit the ground running.

And be well on your way to profit from the current retirement window.

Of course, you’ll also receive the secure email with the subject line:

“Seven Explosive Plays to Retire in 42 Days!”

Everything I’ve mentioned so far is yours FREE…

As soon as you become a charter member of The 42-Day Retirement Plan.

When you join you get…

A fully guided experience in one of the most explosive periods in stock market history.

And I made The 42-Day Retirement Plan really easy…

You don’t have to watch the green lights yourself… or do any type of analysis.

I’m not selling you a complicated computer system, I do all the hard work
for you…

When my system flashes green…

I’ll send you an urgent alert with all my research and analysis behind the trade.

Then, if you want, you can place the trade in your brokerage account.

And that’s it… you’re done in a matter of minutes.

Wait for a stock pop…

Then watch the gains roll in!

Just see what some of my readers are saying about the service.

The perfect strategy for the
little guy

Alan Knuckman is the trader of traders. His intention
of inventing the 42-Day Retirement Plan is to help the little guys like you and I. This plan is excellent because it takes all the guesswork out. He does all the hard work. The instructions to place the trade are detailed and easy to follow. I just recently booked
a $9,227 win on Kroger — I love it!

-Paul W., Worcester, Massachusetts

One of the best services I have

ever seen

I made over twice
the subscription fee on just
ONE trade. Alan Knuckman is on top of his game.
He has an awesome and reliable approach — and
it’s one of the best services I have ever seen. The information and timing are crucial…
Superb explanations.

-Dom R., Cherry Hill, New Jersey

Tripled my money in just two months!

I have enjoyed trading options,
and have tripled my money since I started with Alan a little over two months ago. That would never have happened if I was not following the system. I highly recommend this to anyone who wants to get started in trading options. This has been tremendous help in moving my financial goals forward.

-Allen S., Albuquerque, New Mexico

Alan Knuckman is a financial genius

Alan Knuckman is a financial genius.
He is my best friend even though we will never meet. I'm not sure how you can improve on perfection. Just keep giving us more profitable trades! Thank you, Alan. Your service
is the one investment research service that truly lives up to
its reputation.

-Sally H., Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

Surefire service
to accelerate

your retirement

I'm in my fifties now; honestly,
I need to do
catching up on building my nest egg. I'm beginning to
see this is one surefire way to
help me on
that goal.

-Dan B., Florence, South Carolina

As you can see, this strategy has the ability to bring LIFE-CHANGING wealth…

And right now, my strategy has seven opportunities that are flashing green...

Based on our 100% success rate, there’s a very good chance these will explode higher just a few days from now.

And I’m ready to blast off that email to you.

Because this means insiders are getting ready for the release of information…

Information that could trigger HUGE profits in just a matter of days.

Now I want to do a little something off the cuff…

Right now I’d like to share some details on one of the seven picks for the upcoming window.

Remember how I showed you that Boeing jumped last window… leading to a 14,611% gain in just in a matter of days?

Well, right now, Boeing is at it again.

All three lights are flashing green… and it looks like the move could be huge.

Now, I can’t promise that a similar jump will take place during this upcoming retirement window…

But I can tell you that there is tremendous profit potential built up in this one play.

Here’s a live look.

There is no doubt Boeing is set for major action in this upcoming
retirement window.

And I’m confident you could make good money simply buying shares of Boeing.

But the REAL money is in the options play…

The one I describe in the email “Seven Explosive Plays to Retire in 42 Days!”

Remember, during the last retirement window this play would have returned 14,611% in just a few days.

We could see the same type of explosion this time.

Unfortunately, I can’t give away the specific options play for this move in fairness to my current readers.

But either way, Boeing is a huge opportunity come January 3rd…

The best part of my system is that Boeing is not the only company that’s
flashing green.

There are six other companies that all have the same profit potential as well…

That means in total, there are seven opportunities…

Right off the bat…

You’ll have the chance to score 5-figure returns in a matter of days.

That’s the beauty of the retirement window.

And the 400 lucky people who join me today will receive that email with all
the details.

You’ll find their preset days, profit targets, and easy-to-follow instructions for
taking advantage.

Then, by this time next week…

You’ll be in the position to start making your retirement fortune…

Because I can tell you one thing for certain...

This retirement window is going to be action packed.

Remember, some of the potential plays are further out in the window, so they haven’t yet flashed on my screen.

That’s why I would like to keep you updated on future trades with
a weekly update.

So if a company gives me the green light…

I will send out an email alert telling you everything to do.

And since we are always on our phones and not necessarily always
on a computer…

I’ll even send you a convenient text telling you a new recommendation has hit your inbox.

It’s no secret, we are all on the move these days…

But with current technology, placing a trade on your smartphone or tablet has never
been easier.

That means you can trade whether you are at the grocery store or gardening
in the backyard!

But if you’re more comfortable trading on your computer… That’s fine too.

You don’t have to make
any significant changes to your lifestyle
in order to take advantage of
this strategy.

As long as you have internet access, you can use your computer, smartphone
or tablet… Whatever you prefer.

That can’t sound any easier!

Now, you might be wondering…

What does a subscription to my 42-Day Retirement Plan normally cost?

Let me ask you…

Imagine getting access to an exclusive proprietary strategy that gives you the chance to turn $1,000 into a projected $242,860… In just 42 days.

How much would that be worth to you?

Before you answer…

Consider what happened to Lester T., one of my readers.

For that reason…

We could easily charge $10,000 for this 42-Day Retirement Plan...

But don’t worry…

Because today you won’t pay anywhere close to $10,000.

You won’t even pay $5,000.

I’ll give you all the details of this special offer in just a moment.

First, I’d like to answer a common question…

One that a lot of readers might have.

With all this talk about this current window…

What happens when

retirement window is over?

This is a service that runs 52 weeks out of the year.

For a very simple reason…

You may have noticed earlier, but retirement windows open up a few times
each year.

So when this window is over, we’ll just begin targeting the next one.

That means the potential to earn exponential gains on your investments
is always lurking…

You just need to know how to spot the windows.

Because each time a window opens, you have the chance to earn gains
of 1,053%, 6,400% and even 14,611%...


And The 42-Day Retirement Plan is always first to let you know when these opportunities are available.

Now, you might make so much money during the current 42-day window that you might not need to trade after that.

You’ll be relaxing at an exotic beach with your loved ones… without a care
in the world.

But if you want to keep making more money after the current 42-day window…

You’ll keep getting new trade recommendations from me.

It’s totally up to YOU.

Like I said, this window opens up a few times… every year. So there’ll be plenty of opportunities to profit.

In fact, I’ve already mapped out all the most explosive opportunities for 2018…

And I created the 42-Day Retirement Window Calendar.

This exclusive 2018 calendar has all the most important dates
you need to watch for the year…

Including exactly when each retirement window will open
and close.

Like I said, it doesn’t get more predictable than this.

So just to recap…

Here’s everything you get…

This is truly an all-inclusive service.

You’ve seen the results of my current readers…

I told you about our 100% success rate.

You’ve seen how profitable my 42-Day Retirement Plan can be…

And you’ve seen how you could have turned a small investment of $1,000 into more than $242,860 in just 42 days.

Now it’s time for you to make a decision.

Remember, we have close to 1 million readers…

And as you’ll see in a moment, we have a special offer set up for the first 400
who join today.

That boils down to only 0.04% of our total readership.

And here’s the good news…

If you’re lucky enough to get in…

You will NOT have to pay $3,000, which is the publishing price for this service.

Today, as part of this special offer…

You can grab a year’s service for just $2,000.

This massive discount is only available for this special offer.

I guarantee in the next few hours, spots will fill up fast.

Just consider this…

One of those SEVEN trades alone could pay for your entire annual subscription.

Vincent R. made $44,000 on a single trade… enough to pay for 22 years
of service! And Dom R., one of my readers, says:

“I made over twice the subscription fee on just ONE trade.
Alan Knuckman is
on top
of his game.”

And Richard K. says, “I just made $9,000 on QCOM!”

I think we can all agree this is a no-brainer offer.

And just to show you how confident I am…

I want to offer you a special guarantee to ensure that you are completely satisfied
with The 42-Day Retirement Plan.

I am guaranteeing that you will be able to double your money at least 20 times over
the next year.

So write this down on paper.

If our track record doesn’t show you the opportunity to get at least 20 doubles
on our recommendations over the next 12 months…

Just give our friendly Baltimore-based customer care team a call and you can
get an extra year, absolutely free.

That’s how confident we are in this system.

That’s equivalent to a check for $3,000 for each of the 400 new members…
if we don’t live up to our expectations.

In other words, that guarantee could end up costing us $1.2 million!

If you don’t succeed, I pay the price.

But there is one more thing I’d like to do for you.

This is truly a strategy you can use anywhere...


In any place…

So if you decide to “join” The 42-Day Retirement Plan

I’d like to send you
a brand-new,

latest edition iPad absolutely FREE.

And the reason is simple…

I’ve been saying how easy it is to use The 42-Day Retirement Plan.

I’ve also said how you can use this system ANYWHERE.

From the grocery store…

To the living room… Even your children’s soccer games.

That’s why I purchased 400 iPads to GIVE AWAY today.

Because of a special deal that I worked out with my publisher…

Yes, one iPad for each viewer that joins me today.

This way, you always have a mobile option… And you can enjoy the freedom that
The 42-Day Retirement Plan gives to you!

These are BRAND-NEW and factory-sealed latest edition models…

With a high-speed A9 processing chip…

And gorgeous retina display that Apple is famous for.

Heck, you’ll spend more time watching high-definition movies on this thing than reading
my alerts!

And this gift is yours to keep.

You’re free to do whatever you’d like with it!

By this time next week

you could be pocketing $9,000, $44,000…
and even $58,000…

Just like happened with some members during the last window.

And I’m so confident that we’re putting $1.2 million on the line here.


I am giving away an iPad for everyone who’s lucky enough to get in today.

But here’s the thing…

For this special offer, we’ve only purchased 400 latest edition iPads. Here’s a look
at that invoice.

I’ve spent a lot of money – but I think it’s totally worth it.

My current members are raving about them!

Alan, I carry my 42-Day Retirement iPad with me wherever I go. I always act on your recs as soon as I see them come though. Made over 100% on the last recommendation… and had a GREAT steak dinner last night!

Simply put…I want you to get one of these iPads, but you’ll have to act fast,
to be one of the first 400.

As you can see, there’s a lot of money wrapped up in this 42-Day
Retirement Plan

For that reason, we simply can’t allow any refunds on this new project.

If we did, people would join just to get the trades for the upcoming window,

get a FREE iPad, then cancel.

It would not be fair to all the other serious readers.

I realize that will probably ruffle the feathers of most people.

But I have a feeling you are NOT “most people.”

The fact you’ve read this letter so far tells me you’re serious about retiring

in the next 42 days.

It tells me, unlike most people, you are NOT content with table scraps…
With gains
of 5-10% a year…

And you’re looking for a way to accelerate your retirement.

I’m trying to get my 42-Day Retirement Plan in the right hands…

And I think you’re one of them.

Subscribe Now

If I’m right and you’re still with me, I want you to get started immediately.

Because The 42-Day Retirement Plan is everything the name lives up to.

The chance at life-changing wealth in just 42 days.

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An instant secure email with the subject line Seven Explosive Plays
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42 Days!”
showing you how to maximize your profits during
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A yearlong service… With weekly alerts, and quarterly reports giving the full details on upcoming windows…

You’ll also get The 42-Day Retirement Window Calendar… Anytime Text Message Alerts… The Retirement Window Model Portfolio and 6-Part Master Class Training Series.

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I hope you are very excited for the opportunity that lies ahead!

Right now you have a very important decision to make...

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That’s my personal guarantee.

Click the link below to get started.

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Thanks for reading this important letter.

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