The Jim Rickards’ Cryptocurrency Call

This $0.70 Crypto Game Changer Could Make You a FORTUNE in 2018… Starting Next Monday

Pete: Hi everybody. Welcome. I have financial expert Jim Rickards with me. Let’s jump right into it because this is insanely urgent.

A few days ago Jim Rickards told me he’s ready to make his first ever cryptocurrency recommendation…

It’s a tiny crypto that’s trading for just around $0.70… [N.B. let’s check the price again before we record. Even if it’s higher, we still expect it to go much higher. It’s actually $0.53 as of Wednesday morning; a better entry point]

To put that into perspective, if this tiny crypto goes as high as bitcoin’s peak, you’re looking at a rare total profit of nearly 3 million percent!

That’s enough to turn a small investment of $100 into over $2.7 million.

That’s how much money is at stake.

And it’s part of the reason Jim says this will be the biggest crypto story of 2018.

We’re hosting this urgent call because Jim says this window of opportunity to cash in BIG could close as soon as next Monday.

That means you just have a few days to decide if this is right for you.

Jim will explain everything in this call. Then you can decide for yourself.

Jim, let me start with this question…

So far you have not recommended a single cryptocurrency…

And on some occasions you’ve even criticized the crypto craze.

So I was a bit surprised when you told me you’re ready to recommend your first crypto play.

Why are you breaking the silence now?

Jim: I’m glad you asked, Pete.

Because that is critical to understanding how truly special this opportunity is.

I’ve criticized cryptocurrencies in the past because 99% of them are a complete scam.

There are more than 1,300 cryptocurrencies out there.

Most of them are useless.

Florio is a coin promising that it will enable “everybody to live healthy”

Dogecoin started as a joke…and it was inspired by a popular dog meme.

But it now has a market capitalization over $2 billion… despite having no applications in real life.

There’s even a coin CALLED “Useless Ethereum Token”… and they literally explain how the coin works on their website:

“You're going to give some random person on the internet money, and they're going to take it and go buy stuff with it.”

Sounds like a joke… but this is really happening. It’s happening because the technology behind these cryptos is free.

What I mean by that is that anyone can create a coin out of thin air…

Give it a sexy name…

And start marketing it as “the next bitcoin.”

Even someone who’s not very good with computers could create one of these coins.

Here’s the truth nobody will tell you…

Thousands of scam artists throughout the world are creating their own coins…

And they’re selling it to unsuspecting retirees as a “get rich quick” solution.

It’s really sickening… because these coins have no application in real life.

Pete: But Jim, isn’t Bitcoin legit?

Jim: Not really. It may be legal and have more utility than some, but it’s still a dead end in terms of use cases other than crime and terrorism. It will end badly for so-called “investors.” Yet, some cryptocurrencies are more useful.

But it doesn’t mean they’re flawless.

And that’s the reason I’ve not recommended any crypto currency yet…

None of them have met my rigorous Five-Factor Formula system for separating the good, the bad and the ugly cryptos.

Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin… none of these popular cryptos have checked all five boxes of my system.

This cryptocurrency that’s trading for around $0.70 is the first one.

That’s why I’m recommending it.

It’s the first cryptocurrency I am willing to put my personal reputation behind.

It’s as simple as that.

As for my stance on cryptocurrencies…

Let’s think of it like this…

If I tell you I don’t like the Zimbabwe dollar as an investment- does that make me anti-currency? No!

I invest in Euros. I have dollars in the bank. I don’t dislike all currencies. Just the ones I consider a bad investment.

It’s the same way I am not against cryptocurrencies- just the ones I don’t consider a good investment.

For me to recommend a cryptocurrency it has to match a very specific set of FIVE criteria, which I call “The Five-Factor Formula”. I’ll give you more details in just a moment…

But here’s what you need to know right now…

This $0.70 cent coin is better than bitcoin.

Bitcoin doesn’t hold a candle to this coin.

Pete: Wow. That’s amazing…

It must be pretty good to get your stringent seal of approval.

In fact, I’ve done some research on my own before this call…

And I found out you are not the only person who feels this way.

Some publications are already calling this crypto “the biggest winner” of 2018.

CNBC calls it the “new hottest cryptocurrency of 2018.”

And Fortune says we could see $87 billion flowing into this tiny crypto by next year.

That’s HUGE…

$87 billion flowing into a tiny $0.70 cent cryptocurrency.

With this flood of new money coming in…

There’s no way this tiny crypto currency will remain this cheap for long, right?

I mean, Bitcoin went from $0.70 to as high as $19,000….

That’s enough to turn $1,000 into more than $27,000,000.

If you’re right, and this crypto is better than Bitcoin…

I guess it’s totally possible to see that type of return, right?

Jim: That’s right, Pete. That’s totally possible.

But I’m a conservative guy… so I’ll say this…

I’m confident that anyone who gets in this coin before next Monday could see 1,000% gains in 2018 alone.

As for why this is so urgent…

That’s because I’m not the only one excited about this cryptocurrency.

The corporate giant IBM has finally thrown its hat in the crypto ring- and they are backing THIS currency!

Let’s consider that for a moment.

This is not just some mom-and-pop business.

It’s IBM…. one of the smartest, largest companies in the world.

They could have thrown their weight behind ANY of the 1,000 cryptos that have come out.

Be it Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Dash, you name it.

But instead they chose this tiny $0.70 crypto that most people have never heard of.

Imagine what happens to this coin with IBM in its corner, pushing it out to the world.

That’s why we’re here today…

Soon, IBM is going to make a massive announcement regarding its plans with this coin…

It could happen as soon as next Monday.

In fact, the rumors alone have already lit a fire under this crypto.

It’s putting Bitcoin gains to shame…

It has returned over 2,500% in the last three months of 2017.

That’s 11 times higher than bitcoin!

But that’s just the beginning.

Once IBM makes this special announcement…

There is the potential for far more explosive gains from this coin than the gains we saw from bitcoin.

Remember that right now you could buy OVER 100 of these coins with just $100.

So imagine if you have 100 of these and one coin’s value shot up as high as Bitcoin…

Those 100 coins would be worth $1.5 million.

Pete: Ok, but why has IBM picked this crypto and not more well-known cryptos like Bitcoin… or Ethereum?

Jim: Pete, You and I, and everyone watching for that matter, has heard of IBM.

They are one of the biggest companies in the world.

Their reputation as a company is virtually unrivaled.

They are a giant; one of the big boys.

And they have taken an interest in one of the smallest of small guys.

This is not to be taken lightly.

You can bet all your money that IBM has done their due diligence… and they know this coin is better than bitcoin.

In fact, this coin has so much potential that IBM has even started developing an entire platform around it.

Essentially, IBM is creating an international banking platform using this coin.

This is happening as we speak.

They have about a dozen banks on board and there are rumors that the number is soon to be 30.

Pete: I didn’t know IBM was in the banking business.

Jim: They’re in the tech business, but all of banking runs on tech platforms. I started my career in banking 40 years ago and IBM was providing mainframe support then. I’ve seen all of the changes in the meantime. This is just the latest in bank+tech development.

As you know cryptocurrencies are based on a new technology… a new form of digital currency.

IBM is simply dedicated to developing the new blockchain technology behind cryptocurrencies, and the head guy is a friend of mine.

Currently they have around 1,600 staff working in this technology.

That’s a lot of IBM brains at work.

And they have chosen to partner up with this 70 cent coin.

Do you see how significant this is?

IBM has been forming alliances around the world that will cause global adoption of THIS little known cryptocurrency!

They’ve been working with big players like the London Stock Exchange and a whole host of global commercial banks.

They want this to happen THIS YEAR. In 2018.

Development of the platform is underway, and when the launch date is announced, this small coin’s value will absolutely skyrocket.

It could happen as soon as next Monday.

Pete: So as soon as they make the announcement… this 70 cent coin won’t just be a cheap, obscure, coin anymore, huh?

Jim: That’s right Pete. This coin will be the coin.

It will be the biggest cryptocurrency story of 2018.

This coin will be a household name. Just like IBM.

You saw what happened when Bitcoin became a household name...

It went from around $0.70 to as high as $19,000.

And anyone who got in on the ground floor became millionaires…..

That’s why I’m putting my reputation on the line and recommending this tiny cryptocurrency.

This coin is the ONLY one that fits all five of the criteria I’ve set for my stamp of approval.

And anyone who gets in before this IBM announcement could end up getting rich in 2018….

And perhaps make enough money to retire comfortably.

Pete: Ok Jim, we’ll cover your Five-Factor Formula in just a moment. But first I have to ask you…

Everything you said so far sounds really good…

So how come nobody has heard about this 70-cent cryptocurrency?

Jim: The most obvious reason the average investor hasn’t heard of it is the media.

The media is going to cover “what’s hot.”

That’s where the ratings are.

They wait until something has become popular to report on it.

And that makes them unfalteringly LATE.

Why would they cover an obscure 70 cent coin? Because it has “potential?”


They wait until the wealth has been made and report on the new millionaires. AFTERWARDS.

Because overnight millionaires are exciting.

That’s why the media is now obsessed with Bitcoin.

But do you remember the media reporting on Bitcoin when it was trading for 70 cents?

Of course not.

It wasn’t exciting enough to report at 70 cents.

And that’s why they’re always late.

Pete: Ok, so how did you find out about this crypto?

Jim: Pete, that’s where things get really interesting.

As you know, I’ve been working on a side-project with IBM and its Artificial Intelligence super-computer, Watson.

And that’s how I found out about this little-known coin…

You see, while everyone was talking about the Bitcoin millionaires…

A small startup has taken the blockchain technology behind Bitcoin…

And improved it to such a level as to make it useful, efficient, and powerful…

So powerful that IBM wants a piece of it.

We know of a dozen banks on board to help support the growth and adoption of this particular coin.

And we’ve heard rumors that 30 international banks are almost there.

Pete: But I thought the banks were the enemy for cryptocurrencies?

Jim: Not necessarily.

And this is where the IBM partnership comes into play in a big way for making early investors rich.

Now, IBM has been very quiet about all this.

But here’s what they’ve shared so far…

IBM is creating a global exchange platform on this coin’s network.

That will allow individuals, banks, whatever, to send money anywhere in the world almost instantly.

With fees of a fraction of a penny and processing times of a few seconds.

Think of it like PayPal, but on an international scale where I can turn a U.S. dollar into a euro and send it in a matter of seconds.

Forbes calls it “a breakthrough for payments technology.”

What most people don’t understand is that at this time, cross-border payments can take up to several days to clear, and cost tons in fees.

And this is a painful process that involves a bunch of middlemen, fees, and days of waiting… frankly, it’s a big mess.

Pete: So why don’t these banks just use Bitcoin… the granddaddy of all cryptocurrencies?

Jim: Believe it or not, bitcoin is an even worse alternative. It can cost $60 in fees to send a $50 payment and it can take hours or days to clear; assuming your unregulated bitcoin exchange is not a fraud. Think about that.

Do you remember the very first cellular telephone?

I’m not talking about the little Nokia phones, either.

I’m talking about the big, hunky, clunkers of grey plastic Motorola first created.

You practically needed a briefcase just to carry one!

You know the ones I’m talking about? With the tall black antennas on top?

Okay. So these devices were important.

Because, hey, they were mobile telephones!

They had never been done before. The technology was cutting edge. It was going to change the world!

And it has. Because now we have iPhones, right?

And if you had a choice to buy a new phone tomorrow, would you buy an iPhone?

With all its advances and gadgetry…

Or would you buy the “granddaddy” mobile telephone?

Exactly. You’d buy an iPhone!

That’s what we have today.

Bitcoin is a technological breakthrough.

It gave us blockchain technology.

Just like Motorola gave us the first look at cell phone technology around 40 years ago.

But now Apple has come along, and taken this basic idea, and made it more useful and powerful.

That’s what this 70 cent coin has done.

Often the first piece of the technology is not the best one.

And the cellphone is just one example…

Myspace was the first social media website. It was great.

But then came Facebook. And it was better.

Archie was the first search engine… but then it came better ones, like Yahoo Search and Google.

I think you see my point.

This 0.70 cent coin is the next evolution of the cryptocurrency technology.

The next iPhone.

The next Google.

That’s what makes it so exciting.

That’s why IBM is behind it…

That’s why a dozen banks are getting behind it…

And that’s why I’m getting behind it.

Pete: But how is it better than Bitcoin? Can you give more details?

Jim: Sure. This coin allows for Faster AND cheaper financial transactions than bitcoin…

For example, it can handle a thousand transactions in a second. For fractions of a penny.

Bitcoin can’t do that.

Already, we have seen issues of bitcoin transactions taking days or even weeks...

Fees climbing through the roof…

Here’s a way to think about it…

Did you ever have America Online? With the 56k dialup connection?

Mind blowing for its time. But now you look back and you can see all the hassles.

Dialing on a phone line. Unable to receive calls. Getting disconnected all the time.

Then cable internet came along…

That’s what we are seeing with Bitcoin.

People are developing new, better coins to compensate for these hassles and inefficiencies.

This new coin will be able to streamline complicated cross-border payment process for a fraction of the cost and complete transactions almost instantly.

For example, this 0.70 cent coin can move at a speed of 1000 transactions per second.

Ethereum, another popular cryptocurrency, can only perform about 15 per second.

Fast transactions. Lower fees. That’s very attractive to banks and everyone in the financial sector.

Everybody wins.

Meanwhile, Deloitte has started implementing this coin for internal transactions and witnessed a 40% reduction in their costs.

This is not just some random no-name company.

It’s Deloitte, one of the largest accounting and consulting companies in the world.

If you’re running a bank, wouldn’t you like to cut your costs by 40%?

Of course you would.

That’s why a dozen banks have already lined up to adopt this coin…

With more on the way.

And that’s why I expect massive adoption… that will catapult this 0.70 cent coin to the moon.

There’s no telling how high this could go…. And it could happen really fast.

That’s why it’s imperative to get in before next Monday.

Pete: How much time do we have to act? Can you give us more details about what happens on next Monday?

Jim: Remember, IBM is creating a global exchange platform on this coin’s network.

This will allow individuals, banks, whatever, to send money anywhere in the world almost instantly.

With fees of a fraction of a penny and processing times of a few seconds.

But nobody knows for sure when this exchange will go live.

And IBM could make the announcement anytime.

The executives of this exchange are already dropping hints on twitter. Late last year they posted this:

“For now, we're keeping things hush-hush until the product evolves to a point where we're happy with it... 2018 is going to be exciting for the crypto space!”

So make no mistake…

IBM’s announcement about when its exchange will go live could happen at any time.

Peter, it could happen today.

The thing about these announcements, after they happen, everyone says, "Oh, we saw that coming."

The truth is, they don't see it coming. Very few people see it coming.

It's always a shock because right up until the moment it happens, everyone acts as if they're going to jump in right when the announcement is about to come.

Or hope some news “leaks” to give them a clue.

That’s not how millionaires are made.

And the sad part is- those folks will miss out all because they couldn’t be bothered to spend even $50 on their future.

With $50 you could buy around 70 of these coins at 70 cents.

Now imagine if you owned 70 coins and they went up to the same price Bitcoin is today.

Had you invested just 50 measly dollars, you would be a millionaire.

Just $100 and you’d be a MULTI-millionaire.

The more you invest, the more you can potentially make.

Of course, past performance is not a guarantee of future success. And I should point out there will always be risk in any investment you make.

You should never invest more than you’re comfortable with.

This is still a young marketplace, and it can be volatile.

And that’s the beaty of this tiny cryptocurrency.

It’s so cheap that you don’t need to invest a lot of money in order to make a fortune.

In the case of my last example, a measly $50 investment would come out to an extraordinary 1.1 million dollars.

Most of my readers just want a comfortable retirement.

So it pains me to think a person might be watching now who couldn’t be bothered to drop $50 on a 70 cent coin.

The only cryptocurrency in the world that I would sit right here and tell you is what I consider as close to a sure thing as you can get.

Unfortunately, I know somebody is going to watch this, put it off, and then miss the opportunity of a lifetime.

And that’s why it’s important to act now.

The announcement could be tomorrow.

We don’t know. As you can see by quote I shared, they are being very secretive right now.

That’s why once they announce, this 70-cent crypto is going to explode in value.

Pete: Earlier you mentioned your 5-criteria filtering system. Can you briefly explain that?

Jim: Sure. In order for a crypto to get my seal of approval it must check all five boxes of my COINN checklist.

I don’t want to bore you to death with too much details. The technology behind cryptos can be a bit boring.

But let me briefly explain each criteria.

C * Consensus - users can decide whom to trust organically and flexibly (like Google page-ranks or Wiki content) without being "forced" to trust miners (as with Bitcoin).

O * Open Source - (this rules out government controlled cryptos like "FedCoin" and "IMFCoin" etc.)

I * Impenetrable - (this rules out coins that can be hijacked with fraudulent ledgers through "51% attacks" (from Bitcoin miners), gatekeeper attacks (Ripple) and "Sybil attacks" (malevolent members using duplicates)

N * No-Nonsense Governance - (this rules out clunky, inefficient "proof of work" and "proof of stake" coins like Bitcoin and Ether)

N * Nimble - (this means fast, easy, cheap payments processing and rules out coins with long latency in validation like Bitcoin, etc.)

Only coins that score five-for-five get the seal of approval.

Pete: So it’s pretty clear to me this is the opportunity of a lifetime.

Let's give our viewers the opportunity to join now, so they can get in on this investment immediately.

We have a report called The $0.70 Crypto that Could Make you Rich in 2018.

It reveals the specific cryptocurrency we’re talking about today and shows step by step how to invest in it.

Remember, this crypto is dirt cheap… trading for only around 70 cents.

But it won’t remain cheap for long.

Once IBM makes their official announcement regarding their global platform launch date, this tiny crypto could explode.

It’s not outrageous to think that with this sort of exposure and global backing you could see returns like what Bitcoin did for its overnight millionaires.

In fact, in recent months alone this coin could have made you 11 times MORE money than Bitcoin.

And we know Bitcoin has minted A LOT of millionaires.

So Jim, do readers absolutely have to be in position before IBM makes this announcement for the chance to see the biggest gains?

Jim: They do.

Look, I wish I could say this was not urgent.

And that you could just take your time.

But this tiny crypto is already on the move.

It has jumped from one penny to around 70 cents in the last few months alone.

It’s already making people rich.

And everything I’ve mentioned so far indicates this is just the beginning… it will make many others rich.

But the longer you wait, the more money you’re leaving on the table.

Every day you wait, someone else is getting rich off of this coin.

And if you wait until after the announcement, this opportunity could be gone forever.

Remember, Fortune says $87 billion will flow into this tiny cryptocurrency by the end of the year.

What do you think it will happen to this tiny crypto when this tsunami of cash comes in?

This will not wait for you… or for anyone else.

The train is leaving the station…

You either get in… or you’ll miss out on the biggest crypto story of 2018.

Look, we’ve all seen that cryptocurrencies move very quickly and very suddenly.

If you don’t act today, it's not like you're going to wake up one day and log on and look at the internet and say….

"We have a new globally accepted cryptocurrency, oh gee, I think I'll get in on that trade."

That trade will be over. All the money will have been made by then.

And you’ll be sitting on the sidelines, watching everyone else pop the champagne.

Peter: Folks, all the details of Jim Rickards’ first ever crypto trade recommendation are inside a special dossier called The $0.70 Crypto that Could Make you Rich in 2018.

And don’t worry if you know nothing about cryptos.

We know this is a brand-new asset class. So to help you get started…

We’ve also put together a beginner’s guide to the crypto currency market called 5 Steps to Get Started in the Booming Crypto Market.

This guide is very brief. You can read it in less than 10 minutes.

But it will walk you step-by-step on how to open your crypto account… how to fund your account… and how to place your first trade.

Even if you’ve never invested before, you’ll be able to place this trade with ease. Just follow these steps, and you’ll be ready to go.

And that’s not all…

Jim: Pete, sorry to interrupt…

But I have to say this guide is very important…

Because if you don’t know HOW to buy this crypto currency, it could end up costing you money.

At this time, not every crypto is available on every exchange.

And some exchanges charge higher fees and take longer to use than others.

Because this is a brand-new technology, it isn’t streamlined the same way we sign up for a regular brokerage account and get cooking.

Simply put, there’s a right way… and a wrong way of buying cryptos...

If you don’t follow the steps, I can’t guarantee you’ll make much money.

So I want to make sure if you decide this is right for you, that you follow the steps I describe in this guide.

Pete: That’s great, Jim.

Everything we’ve discussed so far is part of a brand-new project called Rickards’ Crypto Profits.

Here’s how it works…

Every month Jim and his team will send you an alert covering the biggest opportunities in the crypto space….

And anytime a new crypto gets Rickards’ seal of approval…

He will send you an urgent alert with all his analysis… and all the instructions you need to open the recommended trade.

More important, as soon as you RSVP today, we’ll send you the special dossier called The $0.70 Crypto that Could Make you Rich in 2018.

Which will reveal this special coin and how you can get a hold of it.

You could be in this trade less than 15 minutes from now.

There’s a catch though…

We can’t make this available to everyone of our readers.

You see, this coin is only trading for 70 cents.

And we have close to 1 million readers.

We want to make sure that our readers can get in at our recommended buy in price without having to chase the stock.

We want all of our readers to have a fair shot at the biggest profits.

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Once they’re gone, they’re gone.

It’s up to you to decide if you want to participate on the biggest crypto story of 2018… or miss out.

Remember, IBM is going to be on your side.

And if this 70 cent coin explodes to Bitcoin-like prices…

Then it would only take 50 measly dollars to turn yourself into a millionaire.

How much would that opportunity be worth to you?

Think about it…

But don’t answer just yet… because I have something special to offer.

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It’s a different kind of war.

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Pete: So by signing up today you’ll get our special dossier called The $0.70 Crypto that Could Make you Rich in 2018…

A new issue of Jim Rickards Crypto Profits every month…

And a free year of Currency Wars Alert .

We could easily charge $5,000 for all this.

But it won’t cost anywhere near that.

We’ll provide more details in just a moment. But first, let’s do a quick Q&A.

We’ve anticipated some questions from our readers. So I’d like to cover the most common ones now.

1st question…

“Jim, in an interview to Business Insider, you said you were skeptical of Bitcoin and that gold is a much better investment. Are you flip-flopping?

Jim: No. I still think gold is better than bitcoin. And I’m not recommending bitcoin. And I never will.

By the way, that Business Insider interview has over 2 million views on Facebook and hundreds of thousands more on YouTube. It’s having an impact in alerting folks to the problems with Bitcoin and other cryptos that don’t meet my 5 criteria.

Like I mentioned before, it doesn’t meet all the 5-criteria I use to verify if a crypto has potential for mass adoption.

This $0.70 cent crypto we’ve been discussing has.

It’s better than bitcoin. That’s why it’s the first crypto I’m recommending.

Pete: Ok, so here’s a follow up question… is this tiny crypto better than gold?

Jim: This particular crypto and gold are like apples and oranges. I like both! But both have a place in your portfolio. They play different roles.

As you know, gold is a store of value… a safe-haven asset that can help protect your portfolio in times of crisis…

This $0.70 crypto is a great speculation that could make you a lot of money… even millions in the long run.

And because it’s dirt cheap… you don’t need to put in a lot of money to get started.

So the potential for incredible rewards exists with virtually none of the associated risks.

I mean, 1,000 coins will cost you around only $700.

Compare that to Bitcoin, where 1,000 coins would cost you $15 million.

And the potential here is incredible… you could really make a ridiculous amount of money.

Pete: Alright. Last question….

Why have you waited so long to recommend a crypto? Aren’t you a little late to the party?

I mean, some of these other cryptos have already exploded… and made a lot of people rich.

Jim: What’s the point of being early if you’re going to lose money? I’m glad I waited until the right crypto came along. Sure, some people made millions on bitcoin, but they did it by taking money from the unfortunate and naïve people who bought the coins from them. Those buyers will lose everything. It’s just a wealth transfer from a bitcoin seller to a bitcoin buyer with no value added. Unfortunately recent buyers are people like car mechanics in South Korea and college kids in the U.S. betting more than they can afford to lose. I couldn’t live with myself if I ever got behind that.

Look, I’m a conservative guy…

And I would not recommend something just because everyone else was hoping it would keep going higher.

I wouldn’t risk my readers’ hard earned money like that.

I fear a lot of people will lose all their money buying these cryptos that have no utility in real life.

So I took my time to do due diligence… I’ve been very patient.

And I’m only recommending this $0.70 cent crypto now because it’s the best I’ve seen… the only one that meets all my five-criteria…

The only one that allows for faster, cheaper transactions among international banks…

The only one that has been backed by major companies like IBM and Deloitte….

And the only one that’s set to receive an inflow of $87 billion by the end of the year, according to Fortune.

The opportunity here is very clear.

And it’s urgent too. Because if I’m right and IBM makes this announcement by next Monday, this $0.70 crypto will skyrocket.

That’s why my team prepared my first ever crypto dossier with all the details…

The $0.70 Crypto that Could Make you Rich in 2018.

With it you’ll have all the instructions on how to buy this coin.

And you could get in on this trade just a few minutes from now…

Inside I will reveal exactly what 70 cent coin I’m talking about…

And how to get your hands on it as quickly as possible…

And as cheaply as possible.

You could have the guide in your email in 5 minutes…

This short guide has everything you need to get started, can be read in just a couple minutes, and could be yours FREE…

As soon as you claim Rickards Crypto Profits.

And don’t forget…

We’re throwing in a FREE year of Currency Wars Alert

Oh, and here’s something I forgot to mention…

If you’re one of the lucky 500 charter members, I’ll also send you a special gift…

A FREE Ticket to my first ever live currency wars game.

Pete: What’s a currency wars game?

Jim: In 2009 I participated in the Pentagon’s first ever currency wars game.

We met at a top secret weapons laboratory about halfway between Washington and Baltimore called the Applied Physics Laboratory.

It was a big war room, just like on TV. Big screens on the walls and lots of people.

The only weapons allowed in the game were financial — currencies, stocks, bonds, and derivatives.

And we were able to simulate how nations manipulating their currencies could have a global impact, and open doors for massive cash windfalls.

Very few people have this type of knowledge of the currency market.

I only do because of my connection with the CIA.

In July I’m planning to host a 2-day event, where we’ll have our own currency wars game…

We’ll be joined by the best analysts I know, all in the same room…

And we’ll simulate a currency war. It should be a lot of fun. And you’ll have the chance to meet me in person.

Of course, I can’t offer personalized financial advice.

But we’ll also be discussing the most profitable trends in the currency market, including the crypto market.

We’re planning to sell tickets for $399.

But if you RSVP today, you’ll get this ticket… FREE.

That’s pretty cool, right?

Pete: That is cool. Wow. Our viewers are getting a lot of great stuff today. So let’s recap really quick.

500 lucky folks who RSVP TODAY will get…

First: Your monthly letter, Rickards Crypto Profits.

Every month Jim and his team will send you an alert covering the biggest opportunities in the crypto space….

And anytime a new crypto gets Rickards’ seal of approval…

He will send you an urgent alert with all his analysis… and all the instructions you need to open the trade.

Jim: Right. And because a cryptocurrency must match all five of my COINN criteria, these will be the very best cryptos on the market.

Already fully researched, then delivered straight to their inbox.

Pete: Okay great. They will also get 5 Steps to Get Started in the Booming Crypto Market.

This is your guide for beginners. This is useful because buying cryptocurrencies is still a complicated game.

Not all currencies are listed on all exchanges, and getting the ones you want can be difficult. Fees and processing times differ also.

This guide will eliminate the mystery so our viewers can invest in cryptocurrencies with ease.

Jim: Right. This guide was designed for beginners, but will also give more experienced people a helping hand and set them on the right track to invest in this 70 cent crypto.

It’s really important to invest in cryptos the right way, so you don’t leave a bunch of money on the table.

This guide helps with that.

Pete: Alright, on top of all that, our viewers who RSVP today will also get 12 Months of Currency Wars Alert – for FREE.

Every two weeks you’ll send them a new update to help them pocket double digit and triple digit gains in the currency market.

Jim: Right, Pete.

Pete: And then as we just went over, the readers will also be able to participate in a very special event. The first ever live currency wars game.

A couple lucky folks will get the chance to participate in the game and gain coveted, valuable insider understanding of currencies that can only come from a background of working with the CIA.

Now these tickets are on sale for $399 but if they sign up today they get one for free, is that right?

Jim: Exactly.

Look, Currency Wars Alert alone could make you thousands of dollars…

I have gotten mountains of feedback from this letter and the results have been phenomenal…

Subscriber Yun Y. says he made $38,367 from one single trade.

Nancy H. says she made “about $5,000 in the last two days.”

And James C. says he made “about $15,000” from two trades.

As you can see, I could charge $5,000 for Currency Wars Alert alone and it would be a bargain.

But don’t worry…

Today, you can get Rickards Crypto Profits for just $3,000.

And you’ll also get a FREE year of Currency Wars Alert .

But we’re only opening the door to 500 charter members today…

First come, first serve.

Once we hit that limit, we have to shut this offer down.

And consider this…

In the next 90 days you could make more than enough to pay for your annual Subscription

Based on everything I showed you today…

If I’m right and IBM makes this announcement, this coin could easily jump 1,000% in the next 90 days.

Pete: So you’re saying if someone is starting with…let’s say, just a $500 investment…

They could pocket approximately $5,000 in the next 90 days.

Jim: Right

Pete: Wow, that’s more than enough money to repay their subscription.

Jim: Repay their subscription and put a couple thousand dollars back in their pocket!

And this isn’t some crazy idea I dreamed up.

The coin I’m going to reveal for anyone who signs up today has already increased over 70 times its value since October 2017.

For that reason, this $3,000 offer is already an incredible deal.

But because this is the first time I’ve made my five COINN criteria public…

Maybe you don’t fully trust my crypto system yet.

I understand.

I need to earn your trust first.

So I’m going to do two very special things for the viewers right now…

  1. I’m going to lower the price of admission even more… down to a crazy price of $2,000. That’s a full $1,000 off the already discounted price.
  2. I’m going to give you a best-in-class bonus performance guarantee.

Let’s cover that right now…

My special profit guarantee…

Aside from offering you an amazing deal that grants access to Rickards Crypto Profits and a FREE membership for 12 months of Currency Wars Alert

I want to offer you a special guarantee to make sure you are completely thrilled with your memberships.

I am so certain that this coin is going to explode in price…

That if you don’t have the chance to make 10 times your investment from this coin within the next year…

Just give us a call and we’ll give you an extra year of Currency Wars Alert completely FREE.

Pete: You’re so confident this coin could explode 1,000% in price over the next year that you’ll give another year of membership for free if it doesn’t.

Jim: That’s how confident I am in this coin.

It’s the only coin that covers all five of my COINN criteria…

And the only coin I’m willing to put my personal reputation behind.

In the last few months of 2017, this coin already grew from around a penny to approximately 70 cents per coin.

That’s easy math- a 70x increase!

Look, you’ve seen all the evidence…

You know IBM is behind this coin along with a whole truckload of international banks…

The writing is on the wall…

If this coin goes as high as Bitcoin, you could make a total profit of nearly 3 million percent!

That’s enough to turn a small investment of $100 into over $2.7 million.

That’s how much money is at stake.

This will be THE coin in 2018. Minting millionaires overnight.

I’ve lowered the price of admission to the lowest price we’ll ever offer…

And a performance guarantee that fully covers your cost for another year.

This really is the opportunity of a lifetime.

Pete: Okay, so now it’s time for a decision.

Today, you could become one of the lucky 500 new members who will claim access to Jim Rickards’ Crypto Profits.

Once today’s 500 members cap is reached, we’ll have to shut this offer down.

Frankly, because of the low price of this coin, we can’t alert thousands and thousands of people about it.

Jim: Right. The influx of investors would cause some readers to miss out on our recommended buy in price as more and more investors pile in.

I need to keep this group small because this is the only way I can keep this opportunity fair to everyone.

Pete: That makes sense. So they better act fast… while spots are still available.

I think it’s also important our viewers keep in mind that you’ve never recommended a cryptocurrency in your career until this one….

And IBM chose this coin out of all the hordes of coins out there to get behind.

Now we have one more thing we must mention…

Because of the nature of this investment…

We simply can’t allow any refunds on this new project.

Jim: Yes, because of the nature of this deal, it’s impossible to offer refunds.

If that ruffle your feathers, that’s ok.

It means you’re probably NOT the right person to join this opportunity.

We want to give everyone a fair shot at this coin.

And it isn’t fair to those who are honest when someone pays for the recommendation, invests, and then gets their money right back.

If you are one of the honest ones, you’re in luck.

You can be one of the few 500 to get this research in their hands…

And get in at the ground floor of an incredible opportunity

And since you’ve stuck around this far…

I think you’re one of them.

If I’m right and you’re still with me, I want you to get started immediately.

Because IBM’s announcement could happen as early as tomorrow.

And that means a big payday could be just around the corner…

The only question is…

Will you get in before this 0.70 crypto explodes higher…?

Or will you pass this up and let someone else profit in your place?

Only you can decide.

To get started, simply click the “Subscribe Now” button that you see below.

And hitting this button does not obligate you to anything.

You’ll just be directed to another page, where you can review all the details of this special offer.

Pete: Remember when you sign up you’ll get 12 months Rickard’s Crypto Profits.

12 months of Currency Wars Alert .

A free ticket to meet Jim and partake in the first ever live currency wars game.

All with a special 1000% profits guarantee.

This is an incredible value, Jim. Thanks so much for your time today. And thank you, audience, for joining us.

Jim: Thank you, Pete.

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